Thompson Okanagan signs Cariboo Chilcotin Coast partnership | News

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association have signed a memorandum of understanding during tourism week in British Columbia.

The deal recommits a coordinated and collaborative approach in promoting growth and development of tourism on the Gold Rush Trail.

“The Gold Rush Trail is a tourism must-see that ties together such a large part of the stunning and diverse landscape of the interior to the nationally-recognised historic site of Barkerville,” explained Lisa Beare, minister of tourism, arts and culture, British Columbia.

“The development and promotion of the Gold Rush Trail will highlight a historically-rich piece of British Columbia’s past, support new business growth in the area, while enriching the experience for visitors today.”

The parties agree there is an opportunity to promote awareness and connectivity to tourism stakeholders, policy makers, leaders and organisations to understand the value of the Gold Rush Trail corridor.

This relationship will allow the organisations to leverage each other’s programs, expertise and resources to support this key economic corridor and help to cultivate a sustainable visitor economy in all parts of the province.

“There are exceptional experiences and untapped potential along the Gold Rush Trail,” shared Amy Thacker, chief executive of Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association.

“I am thrilled with the memorandum of understanding signing as we recommit to this vital corridor and celebrate a living ‘History Shaped by Nature’ for future generations.”

TOTA and CCCTA developed the memorandum of understanding to more clearly define their partnership in enhancing and expanding the Gold Rush Trail corridor, supporting communities and individual entrepreneurs as they develop new product and programming, respond to emergencies, grow marketing assets and support Indigenous tourism growth.

“This important commitment between our two organisations will ensure there are the resources made available to grow the tourism industry in the Gold Rush Trail corridor including increasing engagement programs with indigenous communities, providing the latest research, advancing responsible sustainable tourism practises, and ensuring coordinated emergency management leadership and communications,” said Glenn Mandziuk, president of Thompson Okanagan Region.

The Gold Rush Trail Management Committee, made up of stakeholders from New Westminster to Barkerville will continue to provide advice and guidance to the teams supporting tourism in the corridor.

Thompson Okanagan signs Cariboo Chilcotin Coast partnership | News

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