Red Sea Development Company partners with Saudia | News

The Red Sea Development Company and Saudi Arabian Airlines have signed a memorandum of understanding at an exhibition hosted by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage.

Under the deal, signed by Red Sea Development Company chief executive, John Pagano, and Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser,  director general of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the two organisations have agreed to a number of cooperative measures that will support the dual promotion and growth of both organisations.

“We are very pleased to sign this memorandum with Saudia, a company with which we have closely worked with in the past and with whom we continuously look to build a strong and collaborative partnership that showcases the best of Saudi Arabia to the world,” said Pagano.

“Saudia chartered the first all staff trip to the destination, making it the first airline to have served the Red Sea Project.

“Nurturing this close relationship with Saudi Arabia’s flagship carrier will help us contribute to Vision 2030 by promoting international tourism and positioning Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.”

The memorandum outlines collaboration opportunities between both organisations, which include inflight promotion, joint participation in local and international exhibitions, and joint international marketing campaigns.

The Red Sea Development Company previously partnered with Saudia to deliver a staff site visit, in which Saudi transported close to 200 members of the Riyadh team to Al Wajh Airport, to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the site and become more familiar with the characteristics of the 28,000 sq. km. destination.

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The project was participating in an exhibition hosted by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Heritage in Riyadh to celebrate the launch of Saudi Arabia’s new e-visa, an important milestone in the government’s strategy to open the tourism sector.

The new e-visa will provide access for tourists from dozens of countries globally, including important source markets for Red Sea Development Company.

The memorandum represents a unified approach towards helping these tourists access Saudi Arabia and experience the full range of experiences the country has to offer.

The Red Sea Project, one of Saudi Arabia’s three giga-project development initiatives, is developing a unique luxury tourism experience of unparalleled diversity, while enhancing the destination’s extraordinary natural wonders.

The project embraces a diverse range of natural treasures: an archipelago of more than 90 islands surrounded by thriving coral reefs; dramatic desert canyons and dormant volcanoes; and intriguing archaeological sites.

Red Sea Development Company partners with Saudia | News

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