Monaco launches now tourism campaign | News

With more than three billion people around the world under lockdown, airlines grounded and many airports closed, global tourism has ground to a halt.

The principality of Monaco has been heavily affected.

But during this hiatus for the tourism industry worldwide, the local tourism authority is keen to stay in touch with everyone who loves to travel, whether they are already familiar with the destination or are planning to visit once the crisis is over.

To that effect, the tourist board is rolling out a new communication campaign to let guests know just how much they are missed in Monaco.

The principality is missing everything visitors bring, from those treasured moments of friendship and fun, to the opinions and the customs that they share, the languages that they speak.

However, as so many of people are under lockdown and lacking that most precious of things, social contact, the current time is a difficult one.

Therefore, the Monaco Tourist & Convention Authority’s slogan – ‘For You’ – a warm invitation to enjoy all the incredible things the principality has on offer – has evolved into a simple but warm declaration of affection.

“Today, the message we want to convey is that we ‘Miss You’.

“It is supported by friendly words and pictures, to remind us of those precious times that we look forward to sharing again.

“These images are touching snapshots of life, with happy people spending unforgettable moments together in Monaco and who we wish will be back again very soon in our everyday lives,” explained a statement.

“Each tactile image inspires a desire to relive those experiences, in these unique places just as soon as possible.”

As a reflection of the current situation which affects all equally, the campaign targets equally the leisure and the business segments of tourism: it seeks to speak to professionals and private customers alike.

It will be promoted by the principality of Monaco’s ten representative offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and will be carried on social networks, travel industry websites and in magazines.


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Monaco launches now tourism campaign | News

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